Orlando Theme Parks Infographic

What started out in late 1971 with the opening of Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista has now blossomed into a city full of theme parks, water parks and other amusement parks. Disney has gone on to open four theme parks, two water parks and numerous on-site Disney resorts. Universal Studios, SeaWorld and many others soon joined in on the Orlando theme park scene.

These theme parks, resorts, restaurants and other tourist draws have over 50 million visitors descending on Orlando each year. As you can see from our Orlando Theme Park Guide, there are so many choices without even considering what lies right outside of the city. With so much to do in this beautiful city, you need to research what each park offers and decide for you and your family which one fits the bill.

We put together a theme parks infographic that will hopefully help you in your decision on which park fits your families needs. From theme park admission prices and visitor numbers to the number of rides each park has for the little ones and which park has the extreme roller coasters, our theme parks infographic should help with some of your decisions.

Orlando Theme Parks Infographic

Theme Parks of Orlando Infographic

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If you are interested in where all the theme parks (and other water parks and amusement parks) are located in the Orlando area, see our Orlando Theme Parks Map.

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Photo Credits: Kraken by Francine Schumpert, Incredible Hulk Coaster by Shay Tressa DeSimone and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster courtesy of Walt Disney Internet Group

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