MythBusters Explosive Exhibition at the Discovery Science Center

MythBusters Explosive Exhibition

MythBusters Explosive Exhibition | Photo Courtesy of Discovery Science Center

Blown away by MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition

I couldn’t wait to take my family to the Discovery Cube Orange County’s (formerly the Discovery Science Center) summer blockbuster exhibit: MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition. We drove down to Santa Ana on June 14th, the opening day, and had the chance to explore the exhibit before doors opened to the general public. We stayed at the Cube for hours enjoying all that the Discovery Science Center has to offer. It was a blast!

The Cube at the Discovery Science Center

The exterior of the Cube at the Discovery Science Center.

Family Time at the Discovery Science Center

Last summer, my family enjoyed visiting many of the museums in Southern California, and it kind of became “our thing.” We went to the Getty for Mother’s Day and the California Science Center for Father’s Day. We found that the kids really liked it and we enjoyed spending time together in this way. For my sister-in-law’s birthday, the whole family met at Griffith Observatory and we met at the Getty Villa for my birthday. We are all still talking about it; we had such a great time.

It was a nice way to honor my husband and son’s relationship on Father’s Day weekend this year doing something that they truly enjoy. Science is definitely “their thing.” They love doing experiments together. They could have spent the entire day at the Discovery Science Center exploring all of the hands on exhibits. There is something for everyone. From earth science, animals, and weather, to space exploration and out of this world discoveries – they have it. I enjoyed watching people of all ages enjoying the stations throughout the museum. The best part was seeing parents and children playing and learning together. It reminded me of when we took our boys to DCS when they were little. Everything was so new to them. It was fun to see these things through their eyes. Now that they are teenagers, they show us what they have learned and we see it in a whole new way.

Discovery Science Center Interactive Exhibits

There are over 100 interactive exhibits among the two stories of fun at the Discovery Science Center.

Planetary Research Station

The Planetary Research Station features a suspended and animated globe.

Boeing Rocket Lab

The Boeing Rocket Lab is designed for kids to learn about rockets and space.

MythBusters Explosive Exhibition was super fun!

MythBusters Explosive Exhibition Entrance

The entrance to the MythBusters Explosive Exhibition.

We are big fans of the show. It’s one of those programs that we enjoy watching and discussing together. The boys have a few “inside” jokes with their Dad about certain episodes. Personally, I find it entertaining and I am amused when my family gets so excited when a myth is “busted!” Since we live in So Cal, we get to see and do lots of movie and TV related activities. This exhibit was great and put together a nice array of actual pieces of the sets, props from the show, and examples of the experiments that we have watched on the program. All of this was amidst actual hands on activities that we could participate in that were done on the MythBusters. Discovery Science Center employees did a live show where they had volunteers and the audience participates in testing a myth about being able to dodge a bullet. Don’t worry! They used a paintball gun in the experiment, and every safety measure imaginable.

Mythbusters speed reaction test

Volunteers participating in the speed reaction test for the live Mythbusters show.

MythBusters paintball demonstration

Can he dodge a paintball?

MythBusters  telephone book swing

My son said, “I loved the fact that you can live what the MythBusters demonstrated on TV.” As he was sitting on a swing held up by telephone books, just like in an episode he watched recently.

MythBusters Champagne Gatling Gun

The Champagne Gatling Gun from a MythBusters TV episode.

There was plenty of audio and video used from the MythBusters TV show at the exhibit with great representation from the stars of the show. Even if you aren’t a big fan of the program, or have never seen it, you will enjoy the activities in store for you. If you have ever wanted to pull the table cloth out from under a setting of dishes, run in the rain, or throw a card from a deck at a target – this is your chance. At the Discovery Science Center’s MythBusters Explosive Exhibition you can find out for yourself, is it plausible or is the myth busted?

Why We Recommend Santa Ana’s Discovery Science Center For Families

  • Something for Every Age Group
  • Hands On Activities
  • Great Seasonal/Temporary Exhibits
  • Fun and Educational
  • Entertaining and Engaging Shows
  • Clean and Up to Date Displays

Santa Ana’s Discovery Science Center Links & Information

The Discovery Cube is located at the intersection of Main Street and the 5 freeway in Santa Ana, just 1/2 mile north of 17th Street and 1/4 mile south of the Main Place Mall. On-site parking is $4 per vehicle and they take cash only. Be sure to plan ahead to pay for parking. The Discovery Science Center is visible from the 5 Frwy and is known by it’s unmistakable landmark, the Cube. The Center is open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m every day except for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. The general admission prices are $12.95 for children and seniors, $16.95 for adults 15-61 years old. Children 2 years old and under are free. There is a Taco Bell on the premises that serves food and drinks.

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We were provided media passes to the Discovery Science Center and the MythBusters Explosive Exhibition for the purpose of reviewing it on our blog. Regardless, we would only recommend places, activities or services that we would use/visit personally and that we believe will be good for our readers. Photos by L. Reyes

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