A Disney Infographic Comparing the Parks

Disneyland California Parade

Interesting Facts and Comparisons of the Disney Parks

There are few things that kids get more excited for than a trip to Disneyland. As parents, it is quite exciting bringing your kids to Disney for the first (or 10th) time and exposing them to the excitement and magic that the theme parks give out. Whether you are taking the kids to “The Happiest Place On Earth” or “The Most Magical Place On Earth”, you are sure to have a great family day at one of the parks.

Living near one of the parks makes it a pretty easy choice as to which one you are going to visit. When you don’t have that luxury though, you need to do a bit of research and find the park that works for you and your kids. Since you know you will enjoy going to a Disney theme park, you might want to find out what else is close to the park for your family days not spent at the park. Our family has been to both Disneyland California and Disney World Florida and they are pretty different experience even though most of the rides, characters and shows are very similar.

There are five Disney parks in the world and a sixth one is on its way in Shanghai by late next year. We found this cool and interesting Disney infographic from Cheap Flights and thought our readers would like to see comparisons of all of the Disney Parks out there.

Disney InfographicWhich Disney Park is the Happiest – An infographic by cheapflights.co.uk

Our favorite or most surprising item from the infographic was the large amount of attractions in Disney World Florida and the tiny amount (just one) of character experiences at Disneyland Paris. The one we had a hard time wrapping our brains around was the 15 million gallons of water used each day at Disney World. What was your favorite fact from the Disney infographic?

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