The Rolls-Royce of Dolls at the American Girl Store

American Girl of the Year Isabelle

American Girl Store: Where Dolls Come Alive In The Hearts of Little Girls

The American Girl store is a wonderful “showroom” of what is essentially the Rolls-Royce of dolls. I’m sure that it is like no other place you have ever seen! Some say it is a bit over the top and expensive, but this two level mega store is every little girl’s dream come true and you can’t put a price on that! This unique store has everything from a full-service hair salon for your lucky doll, a photo studio for portraits of your kid with her doll and an American Girl Bistro where you can enjoy lunch with your doll, friends and family.

Outside the American Girl Store

The girls are excited while waiting to get into the store. | Photo by FamilyVacationHub

At the American Girl store, you can purchase a doll that looks just like your little girl or you can purchase the Doll of the Year. My daughter loves her “Like Me” doll and and owns four Doll of the Years and plays with them all! No matter what doll you select, I’m sure your daughter will fall in love with her new special friend.

Our Experience At The American Girl Store On New Years Day

We spent our New Years day at the American Girl store in Los Angeles, for the debut of the new doll of the year. Every year, American Girl debuts a new “Doll of the Year” and retires the doll from the previous year. This year, tons of little girls along with friends and their parents, lined the streets of a popular outdoor mall called The Grove. Kids of all ages lined the streets wide-eyed for the debut of the new doll of 2014 and a chance to purchase the doll for $120 before they sold out for the day!

2014 Girl of the Year Isabelle in Box

2014 Girl of the Year Isabelle waiting for their new family to take them home. | Photo by FamilyVacationHub

Girl of the Year Doll Isabelle

2014 Girl of the Year Isabelle and her ballerina gear. | Photo Courtesy of American Girl

Madi and her American Girl Doll Isabelle

Madi couldn’t have been happier when she bought her new doll. You didn’t think she was going to stay in the box until we got home, did you? | Photo by FamilyVacationHub

The special event was complete with a red carpet premiere feeling, giveaways and an American Girl arts and crafts section for kids. It was our first time there for New Years day and it was well worth it! We also ate at the American Girl Bistro where they provide a three course meal for you AND your doll! Yes, the bistro provides seating for your doll as well. A day at the American Girl store is something to experience whether you live in Los Angeles or are just visiting this swanky city!

The American Girl Store Highlights

  • Friendly Staff
  • Quality Products
  • Huge Variety Of Items
  • Opportunity To Dine At The American Girl Bistro
  • Located at The Grove
  • Ample Paid Parking
  • Dolls For Girls of All Ages
  • Educational Books

Dining at the American Girl Cafe

The girls dining with their Isabelle dolls in the American Girl Cafe. | Photo by FamilyVacationHub

American Girl’s 2104 Doll Of The Year is Isabelle

Isabelle, the 2014 Girl of the Year, is an inspired dancer with a flair for design who is attending a performing-arts school in Washington, D.C. Isabelle embraces her one-of-a-kind talents to discover her own way to shine. Isabelle the doll is 18” tall with hazel eyes and long blonde hair with removable pink-tipped highlights. She comes with a sequined coral t-shirt along with a glittery ballerina graphic and mesh tutu, and metallic denim pants with knit cuffs. The doll also comes with golden dance shoes and coral underwear, plus the Isabelle paperback book, written by Laurence Yep.

Why We Recommend American Girl Dolls

  • Well-Made Dolls
  • Kids Learn About Different Cultures & Talents
  • Large Variety of Dolls
  • Great Resale Value
  • Promotes Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Fun To Play With
  • Encourages Girls To Be Themselves
  • Collectable

American Girl Video

Visit the American Girl Store website for hours, dining and other information.

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