The Mirage Hotel has Fun, Free and Family Friendly Things To Do

The Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

Mirage Hotel Attractions: Aquarium, Atrium and Volcanoes

The Mirage is a beautiful hotel inside and out and is located in the middle of the famous Las Vegas Strip. While casinos are not a place for a family to hang out in, the Mirage Hotel and Casino offers up plenty for the family to take in. Better yet, these fun family attractions will not cost you a dime and offer some unique sights for you and the kids. On our last trip, we stopped by the Mirage and before we knew it, we had spent about three hours between these attractions and just walking around the hotel.

The Mirage’s Aquarium

Our first stop is usually the amazing aquarium that they have directly behind the the front desk. Although it is behind the front desk, if you don’t go during the busy check out or check in times, you should get plenty of good and unobstructed viewing time. The Mirage’s aquarium is 20,000-gallon saltwater aquarium and has a beautiful coral reef that houses approximately 450 exotic fish. It is over 50 feet long and 8 feet tall and spans the length of the large front desk area. Seeing how large the aquarium is, even if you go during a busy time, there is always viewing from either side of the front desk. If you go early in the morning on certain days, you can see the staff suited up and in the aquarium to scrub and clean it. It is a wonderful sight to take in and the kids will really enjoy watching the fish swim around.

The Mirage's lobby aquarium

A very impressive saltwater aquarium full of beautiful and exotic fish. | Photo Courtesy of MGM Resorts International

The Mirage Hotel Atrium

As you are leaving the lobby aquarium you can turn right at the hotel entrance and you will enter the Mirage Hotel’s beautiful indoor atrium. Under a 100 foot dome in between the casino floor and the hotel lobby, the Mirage Hotel’s atrium is yet another gorgeous and tranquil attraction to take in. This atrium resembles a tropical rainforest with waterfalls that feed the large lagoon which spans the entire atrium, beautiful palm trees, exotic blooms and lush green plants. As you walk over the large bridge which lays over the lagoon you will be able to see the main waterfall cascading over the rocks. Since this is a main way to get to and from the casino floor, the bridge can get busy at times but nothing too chaotic. This is a great place for a family picture and since most of the folks on the bridge are there for the same reason, it should be easy to find someone to snap a shot for the family.

Mirage Hotel Rainforest Atrium

The lush tropical rainforest atrium in the Mirage Hotel. | Photo Courtesy of MGM Resorts International

The Mirage Volcano

Outside the Mirage Hotel and Casino is an awe inspiring sight to behold. The tall volcano sits amid a gorgeous lagoon with waterfalls, beautiful trees and plants. Each night (depending on the time of the year), the volcano erupts every hour on the hour in a spectacular fiery show. The massive fireballs and explosions are choreographed to a wonderful music score and light up the lagoon and night sky. The volcano and eruptions are fairly high up so even if you are not in front you should be able to see the show without much hassle. If you are one of the lucky guests staying at the Mirage Hotel on a high floor with a room facing The Las Vegas Strip, you will have a fabulous birds-eye view of the hourly volcano eruptions.

The Mirage Hotel Volcano Show

The amazing volcano and fireball eruptions outside of the Mirage Hotel. | Photo Courtesy of MGM Resorts International

For more fun and exciting activities you and the kids can enjoy while in Las Vegas, see our Things to Do with Kids in Las Vegas article or view all of our recommendations for families on our Las Vegas Tourist Map with Points of Interest markers. Visit the Mirage Hotel website for more information on this great Las Vegas hotel and their wonderful attractions.

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