Cancun’s CrocoCun Zoo Photo Gallery

This is the photo gallery from our tour of the CrocoCun Zoo in Riviera Maya which is about 25 minutes from Cancun. See our article detailing our family visit to the Crococun Zoo. You can also find other kid friendly things to do in Cancun that we recommend while on vacation.

Crococun Zoo's Entrance

This is the entrance to the Crococun Zoo.

Outdoor waiting area

This was the lovely outdoor area where you wait for your tour to start.

Macaws greet you as you start your tour.

Macaws greet you as you start your tour.

Macaw  from Crococun Zoo

Madi poses with one of the Macaws.


One of the smaller crocodiles we saw at the start of the tour.

Joe Holds a Crocodile

Joe holds and poses with a small crocodile.

Young Crocodile

A young crocodile finishes a swim.

Crocodile habitat

This was a large crocodile habitat which we walked through.

Crocodile Habitat at the Crococun Zoon

As we entered the crocodiles home we got an up-close encounter with dozens of the reptiles.

Close to crocodiles

Here we are just feet from numerous crocodiles with only rocks separating us.

Crococun Zoo large crocodile

Here we are again posing feet away from a large crocodile. I am glad he was not facing our way :-)

Green iguana

A large green iguana was one of the dozens we saw on our tour of the Crococun Zoo.

Snake on Laura

Laura gets a snake to pose with her. Our daughter passed on this photo opportunity.

Jungle pathway

Walking along the beautiful jungle pathway.

Monkeys in trees

The monkeys were not in a cage and lived in the trees above us. We fed them bananas via a basket.

Red Reptile from Crococun Zoo

Here the family is petting some sort of red reptile thingy.

Xolos or Mexican hairless dog

Here we got to pet the Xolos (Mexican hairless dog) which were very friendly.

Feeding the deers

The deers were gentle and fun as we fed about a half dozen of them.

The family with the Crococun Zoo tour guide

Here we are with our very nice, brave and informative Crococun Zoo tour guide.

See our article detailing our visit to the CrocoCun Zoo or visit the CrocoCun Zoo website to learn more about this Cancun zoo.

We were provided transportation and free entry into the Crococun Zoo for the purpose of reviewing it on our blog. Regardless, we would only recommend places, activities or services that we would use/visit personally and that we believe will be good for our readers.

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