United Airlines Group Travel Offers Special Services

Groups of Ten or More Enjoy Special Service when Traveling on United Airlines

Traveling In A Large Group Is Exciting! Traveling in a large group with your big family or multiple families can be totally fun. However, booking and securing airfare on the same plane can often seem overwhelming. This year, we are traveling with four additional families from my daughter’s school (to Orlando) for a total of 16 people! Crazy insane? Maybe, but it’s an experience we won’t soon forget. We thought it would be a great opportunity for the kids to see each other this Summer and a trip to Disney World and other fun attractions in Florida would be amazing!

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There are many details that go into planning for a trip to Orlando or any other Summer fun travel. But, airfare was one that was initially thought to be the most difficult. Our question was always “How are we going to reserve seats for 16 people on the same flight?!” I noticed that booking that number of airline tickets online was not even possible via the internet. In comes United Airlines and they made the process so easy! So much so that I felt compelled to share my personal experience.

Booking Airline Tickets For Groups Larger Than Ten People Is Totally Possible Via United. I was on their website and noticed there was a United Groups section with an 800 number I could call. At the time, the lowest rate we could secure via travel agents and online was $425.00 per person for a round-trip ticket to Orlando form Los Angeles. I thought I would call to see if maybe I could secure a different rate or at least get us all onto one plane on one flight. Much to my surprise, United was able to secure us 16 tickets with a group rate of $314.00 plus taxes and surcharges for a total of $360.60 per person! That was quite the surprise and to top it off, we’d all be traveling together. That was quite the rate we received!

United Airlines Group Travel Highlights

  • Book 10 Or More Guests On The Same Flight
  • Special Pricing
  • Special Programs
  • Special Services
  • Friendly Staff
  • Proudly Flies The USA Olympic Team
  • Good Customer Support
  • Guaranteed Fare

Process Of Securing Your United Airlines Group Travel Tickets

Secure Your Tickets With United Group Travel When traveling with a minimum of 10 guests, call United Group at 1-800-426-1122. Tell the customer service representative 1) Your Destination 2) Number of Guests & 3) Date Of Travel . The representative will quote you a price and if you agree to the price, she will secure the tickets on that particular flight for all of you! You will also be provided with a confirmation number as a reference.

The really exciting thing about this aside from the special rate is that United allows you and your guests to provide payments in a few different ways and with time extensions. For example, we secured our tickets in the first week of January. We were provided approximately 2 weeks to pay a deposit of only $50 per ticket with the remaining balance not due until May! On April 25, we are required to provide the names of the travelers and at that point, each party within our party can call in to pay for their own ticket fare! It is a great service and makes traveling in a group more manageable.

Why We Recommend United Airlines Group Travel

  • Trusted Airline
  • Group Rates
  • One Free Bag
  • Family Friendly
  • Comfortable Seats
  • Payment Plan Option Available
  • Easy Payment Plan
  • Easy Process For Group Travel

An Airline You Can Trust: Proud To Fly The USA Olympic Team Video

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  • (800) 426-1122

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