Teaching Kids To Eat Healthy Through Cooking

A recent documentary produced in collaboration with the folks at got milk? showed their audience that kids who learn about healthy living, have a better chance at continuing to eat healthy through cooking and knowing what to cook. Too many children don’t have access to nutritional food and this video aims to bring a focus to this important topic. I know that as a mom, nutrition is a huge topic of conversation between my daughter and I. I notice that the more I teach her to cook, the more she becomes aware of what her food choices are.

As a former gymnast, my daughter is a little more aware of what she puts in her body for nutrition. However, regardless of that, I do notice that she loves nutritional foods more, when we work together to prepare a family meal from scratch. There is something so magical to see. She engages and is interested in growing herbs and spices and when they are ready to pick, she takes pride in her hard work.

It  is important to teach kids about healthy living in our communities through cooking. Take a look at the video below and consider sharing with your audience and friends. Together we CAN make a difference, because it takes a village.

You can also make an impact by donating to the non-profit organizations listed below to support their nutrition education programs:

Boys & Girls Clubs of Fresno County: https://www.bgcfresno.org/donate-now

Boys & Girls Clubs of Kern County: http://www.bgclubsofkerncounty.org/

Hands4Hope LA: https://connect.clickandpledge.com/w/…


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