Travel Laughs: Crazy and Funny Signs

Pictures of Funny Signs From Around the World

While traveling around and visiting other cultures, you may notice an odd sign with a message or image that just isn’t right. Sometimes, they are downright funny. Thanks to the wonderful folks below who saw and captured such sights, we bring you some of the funniest signs from their travels.

If you get angry, you can’t use the elevator!

Funny Signs: In Case of Ire

Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Hozak

Caffeine, Sugar and Pets. Oh my!

Funny Signs: Unattended Children Given

Photo Courtesy of Alison VanDerVolgen

Who is Taking Showers on the Carpet???

Funny Signs: Shower on Carpet

Photo Courtesy of Anthony

Warning! Breakdancing Ahead

Funny Signs: Warning! You Might See Breakdancing

Photo Courtesy of artofbeingnerdy

The Sign on the Left Was Added to Break The Tie

Funny Signs: Confusing Exit and Entry

Photo Courtesy of

Beware of Motorcycles Jumping Over Your Car

Funny Sign: Motorcycle Jumping Over Car

Photo Courtesy of Bianca Bueno

I Hate When Safety Sneaks Up On Us

Funny Sign - Beware of Safety

Photo Courtesy of Chris Radley

Holy Smokes, Batman!

Funny Signs: Holy Smokes, Batman!

Photo Courtesy of KG photography

Blatant Bait and Switch

Free Parking Fee Sign

Photo Courtesy of Mark Schoneveld

Please, Do Not Walk Into the Wall. Run!

Funny Signs: Run Into Wall

Photo Courtesy of Bernie Zimmermann

Falling Instructions

No Chips Ahoy For You!

I’d Be a Bit Nervous Exiting Here

Peculiar Freeway Exit Sign

Photo Courtesy of Scott Robinson

Okay, hang a right on Reasonable Canadian Blvd. and then a left on…

Funny Street Sign - Stubborn German Ct.

Photo Courtesy of Liam Wescott, Fairbanks, Alaska

If you took a photo of a funny sign during your travels and would like to share it on Family Vacation Hub, contact us for easy instructions for your picture submission. A big thank you goes out to all the people who contributed their funny sign photos for us to share with our blog visitors.

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