Coca-Cola Store Las Vegas and Tastes of the World

Tastes of the World Sodas from Everything Coca-Cola

Everything Coca-Cola and Sodas from Around the World

Everything Coca-Cola, a.k.a. the Coca-Cola Store is located in the Showcase Mall on the Las Vegas Strip just north of the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. The outside of the Coca-Cola Store features a giant 100-foot tall Coca-Cola bottle and the store itself is two-stories. The first floor of the store is a retail shop that sells a variety of Coca-Cola-branded products. The second floor has a great beverage bar that serves Coca-Cola brand beverages as well as 16 global brands of sodas that they serve together and call it Tastes of the World which is served on an Around the World tray.

Everything Coca-Cola

Merchandise from the Coca-Cola Store Las Vegas

If you or someone you know is a Coca-Cola fan, this is the place to shop for Everything Coca-Cola. The store is stacked with Coca-Cola products from top to bottom and ranges from retro to modern day. The brand products that they sell in the store range from apparel and accessories to household items and novelties. The store also has the Coca-Cola polar bear that will pose for a picture with you and the family.

Tastes of the World at the Coca-Cola Store

The second floor of the Coca-Cola Store is where you will find their beverage bar and its seating area. The store offers up some of their Coca-Cola brand beverages and their fun Tastes of the World. The Around the World Tray consists of two trays that have sixteen sodas from across the globe. The two red trays have numbered circles that match the menu list of sodas/countries that you get with the tray. Each cup of soda is filled with about 1/3 of a soda can, so you get a good amount of drinks with your two trays. We have done this with two of us, where it was too much to drink and more recently, with a group of six (three adults and three kids) where it was a perfect sized taste of each soda. They also offer a third tray, the float tray, that consists of eight domestic sodas topped with ice cream.

Tastes of the World Soda Trays at the Coca-Cola Store Las Vegas

This was a very fun experience for our group as you didn’t know what to expect from each tasting. I don’t want to spoil your fun by telling you which sodas were the tastiest and which ones had put a yuck face on us, because not knowing is half the fun. I can tell you that about one-fourth of the sodas were very good, two-fourths were good and one-fourth were “an acquired taste.” Each tasting might surprise you as one drink that I kind of liked, was the least favorite of everyone at my table as well as a few online reviewers. All in all, it was a fun hour spent tasting drinks from around the world and our preteens said it was the highlight of their night.

Soda Menu Lists from Tastes of the World at the Coca-Cola Store

Float Tray from Tastes of the World at the Coca-Cola Store Las Vegas

Around the World Tray Sodas

  • Inca Kola from Peru
  • Guarana Kuat from Brazil
  • Stoney Tangawizi from Tanzania
  • Sprite Ice from Korea
  • Sparletta Sparberry from Zimbabwe
  • Fanta Melon Frosty from Thailand
  • Smart Watermelon from China
  • Fanta Pineapple from Greece
  • Lift Manzana from Mexico
  • Fanta Kolita from Costa Rica
  • Bibo Kiwi Mango from South Africa
  • Jamaica Sun from Mexico
  • Sunfill Mint from Djibouti
  • Bibo Pine Nut from South Africa
  • Beverly from Italy
  • Mezzo Mix from Germany

Around the World Float Tray

  • Coca-Cola Float
  • Barq’s Rootbeer Float
  • Mellow Yellow Float
  • Sprite Float
  • Cherry Coke Float
  • Barq’s Red Creme Soda
  • Fanta Grape Float
  • Fanta Orange Float

Past Around the World Tray Sodas

  • Thums Up from India
  • Sunfill Blackcurrant from Mauritius
  • Vegitabeta from Japan
  • Fanta Magic from Estonia
  • Simba Guarana from Paraguay
  • Kinley Lemon from England
  • Krest Ginger Ale from Mozambique
  • Ciel Aquarius from Mexico
  • Smart Apple from China
  • Crush Lemon from Bahrain
  • Bonbon Anglais from Madagascar
  • Sparletta Sparberry from Zimbabwe
  • BonAqa from Germany

Coca-Cola Store Las Vegas

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Tastes of the World at the Coca-Cola Store Las Vegas

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