Thanksgiving in a Sub at Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

Unique and Delicious Turkey Subs

All of us love Thanksgiving for many reasons. One of them is the leftover turkey and other side dishes that are used to make turkey sandwiches well past the Thanksgiving holiday. I used to love having my mom and grandma’s turkey sandwiches with stuffing and a touch of mayo. It is tough to love something so much and only eat it once a year. In comes Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop which serves homemade freshly roasted pulled turkey sandwiches with all the fixings and then some.

The Bobbie Sub from Capriotti's Sandwich Shop

The Bobbie sub has all the fixings of Thanksgiving. | Photo Courtesy of Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

Their idea was to, as they put it, “capture the hearts of real turkey lovers” and that is quite apparent in their signature sandwiches. One of our two favorite sandwiches is The Bobbie®, which has their delicious pulled turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayo all served on a soft and fresh sub sandwich bread roll. My personal favorite is the Cole Turkey® sandwich which has turkey, tasty cole slaw, provolone cheese, Russian dressing, and mayo served on the same soft white bread roll. They serve a bunch of other sandwiches, but we recommend giving one of these two a try first. The subs come in three choices of sizes; 9″, 12″ and a massive 20 inch sub.

The  Cole Turkey sub from Capriotti's Sandwich Shop

The delicious Cole Turkey sub. | Photo Courtesy of Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop Kids Meals

For the kids they offer kids meals which includes a sandwich (served on regular sliced bread), a bag of Craisins and a juice box. They offer the choice of turkey, ham or grilled cheese sandwiches. It is a nice little combination that the kids should enjoy. Our daughter actually prefers sharing our signature subs, so you might want to check with the kids on what they want ahead of time.

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop Kids Meal

One of the kids meals that includes a sandwich, juice box and Craisins. | Photo Courtesy of Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop|

We enjoyed Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop enough to add it to our list of Best Family Restaurants in Las Vegas. With multiple locations throughout the city, Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop should be on your list of places to eat with the kids when visiting Las Vegas. They also have locations in Los Angeles that we frequent often and they offer the same quality food as their Las Vegas restaurants. Check out Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop Website for more information.

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